Gaming is a RIOT - Rockwell 6532 RIOT Silicon Wafer - MOS


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About this Artwork:

This four-inch silicon wafer has about 380 computer chips on it. The background artwork is created from a micro-photograph of four chips on the wafer. These chips are Rockwell 6532 RIOT chips. RIOT is an acronym for the 6532 name, the RAM-I/O-Timer, which is an inventory of its functions. The 6532 had 128-bytes of Static RAM memory (the big rectangle on the chip.) It had two 8-bit bidirectional Input/Output ports and a programmable timer. The RIOT was heavily used in games and game consoles. Best known for its use in the Atari 2600 and other game consoles, it was even used in some of Gottliebs pinball machines such as Black Hole and The Haunted House. Although originally designed by MOS, Rockwell was an important second-source supplier of 6502 technology and was the longest-running supplier. Today, genuine RIOT chips still sell for over $20. At 380 chips on the wafer, this wafer would have a $7,600 value (given 100% yield).


The artwork is framed in an 8"x 8" black shadow box frame, with glass. All framing materials are acid-free. A narrative about the artwork that includes the artist’s signature is placed on the back of the artwork.

Please note:  The look of the artifacts in the artworks may vary, each piece is unique.