ChipScapes - A History of Computer Chips Told Through Art


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ChipScapes are an exciting new art form. They are pop art for the twenty-first century. ChipScapes are my creation. I take photographs of computer chips and use a little alchemy, a special sauce, and voilà you have a ChipScape. Computer chips are very small, so most of the time I’m photographing through a microscope. I call my artworks ChipScapes because they are sort of chip landscapes, or ChipScapes - see what I did there?  I use special lighting to change gray pieces of silicon into rainbow-colored, shimmering, iridescent artworks. My artworks borrow from Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Art Deco styles, and anything else I find that’s cool!

Who is this book for?  ChipScapes are designed for people who celebrate technology, specifically computer technology. This book is a compilation of artworks I use to tell the history of computer chips. If you know a lot about computers, this book is for you. If you like pretty pictures of high tech things, this book is you. If you have ever been curious about what’s in your computer, phone, car, washing machine, or anything else that’s halfway smart, this book is for you. My artworks are about sharing the beauty in the world, no matter how small. After all, art speaks all languages, even binary.

The Book?  The book is a 12"x9" softcover coffee table style book. It has 144 glossy pages in full color. There are hundreds of high-res pictures, artworks, and stories. Most of my historical series artworks are here along with their stories. I describe the history of chips, how there are made, and even how to collect them!

ISBN:    978-1-54398-188-9  Revised Edition