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Historical Series - Collections

About My Historical Series Collections of Artworks

These are all hand-made artworks crafted by me. These artworks emphasize collections of chips and their stories. These are grouped based on the manufacturer, technology, history, or other similarities. There are narratives on both the front and back. Some people call these my museum-style, and they are popular with personal and public museums.

The production of these artworks is limited by my ability to find the chips I need to make them. Display quality chips are becoming more difficult to find. I have listed the number of artworks I can produce with my current inventories. After those artworks are sold, it may be a while before I can make that artwork again, if ever. Because of this "chip dynamic," my artworks will change over time based on chip availability. If the artwork you want is "Out of Stock," please send me a message and I'll see if I can make another.