Decades of Technology - Relays to Microcomputers


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About this Artwork

This listing is for a mixed media artwork exhibiting computer technology from each decade: 1940's - Relays, 1950's - Vacuum Tubes, 1960's - Transistors, 1970's - Logic Chips, 1980's - Microprocessors, and 1990's - Microcomputers. Each decade's technology is presented with a brief explanation of how that technology worked and was used.

Here is a list of the parts used in this artwork:

  • Relay: 1940's vintage relay
  • Vacuum Tube: IBM 5726 used in old FAA computers
  • Transistors: Western Electric 2N1173 Pinch-top Germanium transistor (dated to the 1950's), GE 2N3494 Silicon transistor
  • Logic Chips: IBM System/360 361482 Solid Logic Chip;  Early Texas Instruments 7430 Gold Flat Pack;   Western Electric 41 - custom logic used in the AT&T phone network (Dual Inline Package)
  • Microprocessor: Zilog Z80 8400W
  • Microcomputer: NEC D78C14G


The artwork is framed in an 11"x 14" black shadow box frame, with glass. All framing materials are acid-free. A narrative about the artwork that includes the artist’s signature is placed on the back of the artwork.

Please note:  The look of the artifacts in the artworks may vary, each piece is unique.