Item047: Silicon Wafer Cell Phone Chip Earrings - Bronze & Rainbow Colors, Broadcom


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About the Jewelry

These earrings were made with square pieces of a silicon wafer. The wafer has multiple chips on it. Under this card is a micro-photo of a 1x1mm section of the wafer. This wafer was created with computer chips used in GSM flip-type cell phones. These chips have a variety of random logic, logic grids, and memory. The logic grids and memory make the colorful patterns. Each chip contains a RISC microprocessor and a Digital Signal Processor. Broadcom made these chips in 2000. The complete wafer was about 8” in diameter and contained 440 chips. Each of these earrings contains four chips. With these earrings, you can always have a phone in your ear with absolutely no fear of radiation.

Included in the resealable bag:

The 3/4" bronze earrings (since these are handmade yours may look slightly different than the one pictured here, but satisfaction is guaranteed), and a ChipScapes card that gives information about this jewelry (see the picture).