Item060: IBM CPU Chip Pendant - IBM 4300 CPU FPGA Logic Chips


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About the Necklace

This pendant is made from an upcycled 1990s IBM 4300 mainframe series CPU logic chip. There are six individual chips. Each is a Field Programmable Array with custom logic for the 4300 series CPU. The chip dies are mounted face down on the ceramic package. Each of the chip's connection points had a tiny ball of solder placed on it. The chip is placed on the ceramic package, with all the traces, so that the solder lined up with the traces. The chip was vibrated very fast and the solder melted connecting it to the ceramic package. The gold/ brown color "varnish" on the package that makes it look vintage is actually a protective coating that IBM put on.


The 1" square bronze pendant (due to manufacturing differences your chip may look slightly different than the one pictured here), a 16"-32" double slipknot adjustable leather necklace, and a ChipScapes card that gives information about this jewelry.