Sandia National Labs - 368603 Logic Chip - Sandia Logo, NOS, Gold/White


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About this Chip

The extremely rare chips offered here are never used new-old-stock Sandia National Laboratory - 368603 Logic Chips. They are about 7/8ths of an inch square. The gold wireframe is about 2.5 inches across. These chips were made at the Labs in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The 85 17 may be a datecode, 17th week of 1985. This chip is most likely radiation-hardened as Sandia was tasked with doing chip radiation research, specifically with Silicon on Sapphire technology. The packaging of this chip is amazing. The white ceramic and gold leads are striking, but it is lead numbering and gold lid that make this a most unique and interesting chip. The function of this chip is unknown but it was custom created for a government project. This chip would be a great addition to your logic chip, space, or military collection.