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About ChipScapes Ornaments

Chipscapes ornaments are designed for people who celebrate technology, specifically computer technology. These are unique pieces of art made from recycled vintage computer chips and technology. These ornaments are unique original pieces of art based on computer chips and computer technology. Sets one through eight and twelve are each based on a theme. Sets nine through 11 are mixes of the other themes.

These silver-plated snowflakes are about 2" in diameter with the center about 1" in diameter. These ornaments sometimes use upcycled old electronic parts, sometimes Chipscapes artwork, and sometimes both. Because these ornaments are handmade from electronic parts, there may be small variations from the pictures, but satisfaction is guaranteed. This creates a slight uniqueness of each ornament. The ornament designs borrow from Steam Punk, Cyber Punk, and Art Deco styles. Chipscapes are about the creative process and sharing the beauty in technology.