Item007: Computer Memory Chip Earrings - Blue/Purple/Pink/Silver


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About the Jewelry

These earrings are made from an upcycled computer memory chip. These earrings are made from a ChipScape, which is an artwork made from computer chip images. The actual computer chip that was used to make this ChipScape is the rectangle attached near the center of the artwork (see the close-up picture). So you have a unique artwork and a chip all-in-one with these earrings.

The chip used in this artwork is an RCA 4061 RAM memory chip. This was one of the first CMOS chips ever made. The 4061 was organized as 256 individually addressable bits. In 1974, these chips were selling for today's equivalent of $200 each. At that price, 8GBs of memory would have cost over $25M.

The same design is on the front and back of the earrings (the first picture above shows the front and back sides). The image is of a single bit of memory. 

Included in the resealable bag:

The earrings (since these are handmade yours may look slightly different than the one pictured here), and a ChipScapes card that gives information about this jewelry.