Intel C8086 - A very rare version of the famous 8086/8088



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About this Chip

This listing is for a very rare new-old-stock Intel C8086. The 8086 was Intel's first 16-bit microprocessor. The 8086 was Intel's latest turn of the crank of an architecture that started with the Intel 8008. This chip was as important to Intel as was the 4004, the first microprocessor. The 8086 was selected by IBM for its popular DisplayWriter product. The DisplayWriter was a computerized version of the typewriter. The relationship between IBM and Intel really blossomed when IBM selected the 8088, the 8 bit version of the 8086, for its new personal computer. IBM did look at Zilog and Motorola processors, but the IBM decision to select the 8088 that gave Intel the clout to take out its competitors of the day. However, IBM also required that the 8088 have a second-source. For that Intel selected, AMD, a decision that still haunts them today. The 8086/8088 was produced primarily in black plastic “P” and gray ceramic “D” versions. Most DisplayWriters have IBM made versions of the black plastic 8086. The IBM PC used the common gray ceramic Intel D8088. Only the 8086 was produced in the “C” version. Being the most expensive version, there were very few of those made. “C” chips are made for the most demanding operational conditions. There was an article not too long ago about NASA buying old medical gear to salvage the 8086s for use in the Shuttle program. You can bet those weren’t the plastic versions in those machines.

This is a never used new-old-stock Intel C8086. It was made the 32th week of 1978. The 40 leads are tin, the lid is black ceramic, and body is purple ceramic. This chips is nearly perfect, slight fading on the "8", a few very minor blemishes. View the pictures to see the condition of the chip. This chip would be a great addition to your Intel collection.


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