Item038: Silicon Wafer 6502 Microprocessor Pendant - WDC, Mensch


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About the Necklace

This pendant was made from a Western Design Center (WDC) silicon wafer that had 6502 microprocessors on it. Under this card is a micro-photo of one of the 6502s on the wafer. The original wafer was 8" in diameter and was made in 1995. It had about 800 6502 microprocessor chips on it. The MOS 6502 designer, Bill Mensch, left MOS to found WDC in 1978 to focus on the 6502. Today, WDC is still making derivative versions of the 6502 microprocessor, even 16-bit versions. These microprocessors have been used in personal computers, video games, hand-held publishing devices, automobiles, and medical equipment.


The 1" square stainless steel pendant (due to manufacturing differences your chip may look slightly different than the one pictured here), a 24" stainless steel necklace, the 3" photomicrograph of the microprocessor, and a ChipScapes card that gives information about this jewelry.