Item416 Mahjong Earrings - East and West Winds - Black/White,Bone,Bamboo,Antique,Silver


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About this Jewelry

These earrings are made from a pair of East and West Winds Mahjong game tiles. These Winds can be placed on either ear, depending on which way you want the wind to blow :)  The Kanji characters on the tiles specifically mean East and West. These tiles came from a black and white set made for Asian players.

Directions for the Chinese have an order: east, south, west, north. East is the first and most important direction. East is associated with sunrise, warmth, and wood, and West sunset, cool, and metal.

Each tile is about 1 inch tall, .75 inches wide, and .4 inches deep. The earring fish hooks are sterling silver. The earrings come in a bag with an information card. The last picture shows the front and back of the card in the bag.

About Mahjong Art by ChipScapes

Mahjong Art is made by ChipScape artist Steve Emery. Inspired by the complexity, beauty, and symbology of the Chinese game of Mahjong, Steve began exploring the artistic expression of this "Game of a Thousand Intelligences."

Chinese Majong game tiles are the focus of Steve's jewelry. Chinese artisans made these Mahjong tiles over a hundred years ago. The faces are carved from cow bone and dovetailed into bamboo backs. The pictures and characters were chiseled into the faces and hand-painted.

Have a Request?

I have a limited supply of Mahjong tiles, but please contact me if you want something not listed. I list most of the number 1s, dragons, flowers, and winds that I have. If you have a request for numbers (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) and/or suits for earrings or necklaces, let me know.