Item028: Poké Ball Necklace - Silver, Red, Purple, Bronze, Pokémon, Pokemon


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About the Jewelry

The artwork on this pendant is a micro-photograph of a computer chip. The vibrant colors come from a special process used by the artist. The actual chip is attached in the center of the image. 

This pendant is an OKI Read Only Memory (ROM) chip. The two rectangles are the memory arrays, and each one holds 2MB of information. Write the data once and the chip never forgets it. This artwork resembles a Poké Ball from Pokémon. This is a must-have for people who work with information technology because it serves the same purpose as a Poké Ball, but in this case, it catches bugs. Gotta catch ‘em all!


The silver-plated pendant (due to manufacturing differences your chip may look slightly different than the one pictured here, but satisfaction is guaranteed), a 24" silver-plated necklace, and a ChipScapes card that gives information about this jewelry.