Item031: Silicon Wafer Cryptographic Test Circuits Pendant - Bronze, Rainbow Colors



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About the Jewelry

This pendant was made with a square piece of a silicon wafer. The wafer has multiple chips on it. It looks like the control panel of a 1960s SciFi movie computer with all the blinking lights. Under this card is a micro-photo of a 1x1mm section of the wafer. This wafer was created with test chips on it. These were test-circuits for a Dallas Semiconductor cryptographic processor made in the mid-1990s. The various types of computer chip test circuits allowed the maker to verify that the manufacturing process was working correctly. These test patterns can make some of the most colorful silicon wafers. All the colors you see are just reflected light, no batteries needed. The circuits are created to test various standard circuit types. By creating known circuits with known behaviors, the manufacturing line can be tested for any functional problems. Because only a few test circuit wafers are needed, these are some of the most uncommon chips

Included in the resealable bag:

The 1 x 1.5 inch pendant (since these are handmade yours may look slightly different than the one pictured here, but satisfaction is guaranteed), a  bronze 24" necklace, a micro-photo picture of the chip (see pictures) and a ChipScapes card that gives information about this jewelry (see picture).