The Intel 286 - A Virtually Perfect Microprocessor



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About this Artwork

This artwork is a mixed media display celebrating the Intel 80286. The Intel 286 was a significant improvement over the 8086. The performance of the 286 was nearly double that of the 8086. Addressable memory increased to 16MB from 1MB. The 286 was designed for multi-tasking. However, since most applications were written for DOS rather than windows, the real need was to be able run multiple DOS applications. The 286 could switch between a real "DOS" mode, and protected virtual "Windows" mode. However, due to challenges in switching between these modes, Windows originally could not run multiple DOS applications on the 286. The 286 suggested the capabilities of multi-tasking, but it took the Intel 386 to make it happen.

This artwork includes 3 major items. It has a large image of an Intel 80286 chip. On the back are the artist’s signature and a narrative describing the artwork and the 80286. Also, the artwork includes an Intel 80286 chip.


    The artwork is framed in an 11"x14" black shadow box frame, with glass. All framing materials are acid-free. A narrative about the artwork that includes the artist’s signature is placed on the back of the artwork.

    Please note:  The look of the artifacts in the artworks may vary, each piece is unique.