The Microprocessor - Chip Artwork With a Real Computer Chip - Motorola 6808


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About this Artwork:

"Making of a Microprocessor Chip" is mixed media artwork based on the Motorola MC6808 microprocessor. Included in the artwork is the 8"x10" image of a Motorola MC6808 chip on a silicon wafer (with a white border to allow for matting, it is 8.5"x11"). Also included is an actual MC6808 (p/n MC68HC08L532) computer chip that the artwork was based on. The chip is attached at the bottom right corner of the center chip image (see the second picture above). A narrative with the artist's signature is included for attachment to the back of the framed artwork. The artwork will fit into any standard 8"x10" frame (if you trim the white border), or as-is in an 11"x14" with 8"x10" opening matt.

About this Chip:

There is a real microprocessor chip glued to the lower right corner of its picture. The chip is an 8-bit Motorola MC6808. It is the great-grandchild of the MC6800 introduced in 1974. This chip was made in 1997 and operated at speeds up to 8MHz. For its day, it was an advanced device sporting flash memory and flip-chip mounting technology (the balls on the chip are solder that was used to attach the chip to its package). Today’s microprocessors operate thousands of times faster and are a fraction of the cost. The MC6808 was used in a variety of applications including Bally and Williams pinball/video games, automobiles, and point-of-sale terminals.


The artwork is unframed. The image 8"x10" with the actual chip attached to the image. A narrative about the artwork that includes the artist’s signature is for placement on the back of the framed artwork is included. All materials used are acid-free.