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Computer Bug Wings

About ChipScapes Computer Bug Wings

Much like deer who shed their antlers in the winter,  computer bugs can shed their wings. This little known fact has led to confusion amongst programmers who don’t realize that they are dealing with bug wings rather than the actual bug itself. Once a bug is eradicated, there are often other related problems such as corrupted data, unrefreshed caches, confused users, etc. These are caused by shed bugs wings as a parting gift to the programmer. To help save programmers and software engineers these issues, ChipScapes has harvested as many shed bugs wings as we can find. We have preserved the color and iridescence of these newly shed bug wings in this jewelry. The patterns on bug wings provide camouflage in the microchips where they live. One final note, these are guaranteed free-range shed bug wings. Plucked wings lose their color within hours, so with our shed wings, the customer gets Quality Assured jewelry.