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About My Historical Series Collections of Artworks

These are all hand-made artworks crafted by me. These artworks emphasize collections of chips and their stories. These are grouped based on the manufacturer, technology, history, or other similarities. There are narratives on both the front and back. Some people call these my museum-style, and they are popular with personal and public museums.

The production of these artworks is limited by my ability to find the chips I need to make them. Display quality chips are becoming more difficult to find. I have listed the number of artworks I can produce with my current inventories. After those artworks are sold, it may be a while before I can make that artwork again, if ever. Because of this "chip dynamic," my artworks will change over time based on chip availability. If the artwork you want is "Out of Stock," please send me a message and I'll see if I can make another.

View all 1-bit 100mm 1101 1103 16-bit 1802 2600 2650 2901 2N1613 2N22 3002 3101 32-bit 4 inch 4" 4-bit 4-bit Adder 4-bit ALU 4004 4040 5719 6100 64-bit 6502 6521 6549 6551 6701 68000 8-bit 8008 80196 8048 8051 9080 914 9312 a Motorola MC14500B ICU a Soviet 8080 A1698 ACIA Advanced Micro Devices AMD AMD 2901 AMD Opteron Amiga AND AT&T atari award capacitor channel f Chip Dies Clone CMOS communication wafer Comparator computer chip Core Core 2 CVDG D D8008 darlington Digital Game Technology Donkey Kong DTL ECL EPROM F8 Fairchild First of a Kind flip chip Framed Artwork Full Adder (FA) game boy game cartridge Gamecube Gamer Gaming Gary genesis Gift Graphics Half Adder (HA) hypercube i860 i960 IBM IBM PowerPC 601 IBM System/360 IMP-00A Intel Intel 4004 Intel 8751 Intel P4004 Intersil Itanium Itanium 2 kilby Leadership ln3 Logic Chip Logic Chips Look-ahead Carry M Making Computer Chips MCM memory memory wafer Microcomputer Micrologic Microprocessor Monolithic Memories MOS MOS 6502 motorola Motorola 6800 Motorola MC353 n64 National Semiconductor ncube nes new new-old-stock nintendo NOS NOT noyce one of a kind OR P4004 P4040 pacman Paperweight parallel pcaman pentium PIA Pokey Pong powerpc PowerPCs PPS-4 processor wafer RAM RCA RCA 1802 Relay resistor reward Rockwell RTL Russian S/360 sega Semi Signetics Signetics 68000 Signetics 7480 SIlicon Systems International Silicon Wafer SLT sn514b snes Solid Logic Technology sonic the hedgehog Soviet SRAM SSI StrongARM supercomputer System/360 T-1 Teaching tetris Texas Instruments Texas Instruments 74181 TI TI TMS1000 TMS1000 Transistor TTL Type A UART ul914 Vacuum Tube Video Western Electric Xenon Xeon XScale Z80 Zilog Zilog Z80