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The Intel 4004 - The First Microprocessor - 50th Anniversary

This year, 2021, is the 50th anniversary of the first single-chip microprocessor's invention, the Intel 4004. The official birthday of the 4004 was November 15th, 1971, when it was announced to the public. There are other pretenders to the throne, but only the 4004 meets all of the key criteria to be considered the first. I offer multiple ways to become a proud owner of a fully-functional, genuine, new Intel 4004 microprocessor.

I offer two ways to acquire an Intel 4004. The first way is that I incorporate an Intel 4004 chip into an artwork, called a ChipScape. These ChipScape artworks have an image of the tiny 4004 chip itself and have technical information about 4004 and its creation story. I offer different styles to appeal to different interests, price points, and artistic tastes. These make great gifts for anyone who has an interest in computer technology.

The second way is that I offer just the chips. Here you have two choices: the Intel P4004 and the Intel D4004. Both types have the same chip on the inside, but their packaging is different. The P4004 is made from a black plastic resin and is the more "common" version available. Within the P4004, I offer different date codes (when this chip was made, the earlier, the more valuable) and different manufacturing locations (where the chip was made, this is purely a collector preference). The D4004 is made using a gray ceramic package. It was made to be more rugged and is much rarer.

I get lots of questions about the C4004. I don't have any of the C4004s available. C4004s are made with white ceramic and gold plated leads and caps. They are rare. Prices for good working versions can range from $1,000 to $5,000.